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The Bollywood Tales is an iconic music band with an industry experience of more than 10+ years, and in India, it is considered among the top 30 wedding bands, with the highest level of brand presence in the live event industry. 

By holding the brand sigel upright for the last 10 years,  they are able to achieve unrivalled constancy for their flagship vocal range and originality for their live sounds.

The challenge was to replicate this performance in a hyper-competitive digital space, by appealing to a wide set of age groups preferring live music in their personal events. 

The Bollywood Tales’s concern was that the diversity of “moments” that defined the brand, was absent from their organic content and tone of voice.

Services Offered:

Social Media Management

Our solution was to construct and carefully execute a contemporary tone of brand voice in all their social platforms that were both reactive to a fast-paced Indian audience but also relatable to multiple age demographics.

We sought to ensure that the creative assets created were engaging enough in context with the Indian audience. As such, each piece of copy deliberately conveyed the elegance of The Bollywood Tales as a professional music band whilst also remaining accessible to a large set of Indian audiences with varying tastes and music preferences.

On Instagram, by focusing on the concept of shared moments within a live performance, we sought to increase the engagement and relevance of The Bollywood Tales making each and every moment special in its own self, whilst also amplifying the “Spirit of Wedding” that so defines the brand’s heritage.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, we sought to capitalise on the opportunities presented for hyper-reactive content to enable The Bollywood Tales’s audience to see the brand in diverse live settings.


The Bollywood Tales aimed to expand their social media footprint and tasked us with boosting user engagement. This entails elevating the number of likes, comments, shares, and followers they receive.

Build - Phase I - Prototyping

As a music band, our first choice was to focus primarily on utilising Instagram to boost their social media presence,  being an incredibly visual platform.

The Bollywood Tales was very enthusiastic about the social media improvements and allowed us to manage and control their accounts while we were working together.

We developed a 3-month long, ever-evolving social strategy and content plan that would drive social growth and engagement of 18-34-year-olds in the Indian wedding industry whilst rallying excitement around the limitless possibilities related to Live music setups. 

We started by identifying some key elements of The Bollywood Tales brand that millennials and Genzies could relate to. These included the live music setups celebrating the love for Bollywood and Punjabi dance music. Our creative team designed a seasonal content series for social around these themes.

Test & Launch - Phase II - Bringing it all together

We pooled together our expert knowledge of the target audience, deep insight, and creative thinking and identify communities that were into music genres within a live event setup and came up with an irresistible, eminently shareable and completely unique campaign that was guaranteed to deliver!

Appealing to young audiences that were key decision-makers in selecting live music setups within a wedding or similar event was our first idea. Takeaways are a tactile and angelic delight, and our research and brainstorming sessions dove into the qualities that make up a dance-worthy live music setup. 

Above all, the tempting idea of creating your special moments magical with the power of your favourite music playlist came out as the number one attribute of a takeaway. 

The feeling of the soft touch of your partner’s hand at the altar with all the loved ones around is quite magical. 

We worked on a similar notion and recreated that experience via the power of influential vocal setup within a live space.

The Results

By creating more engaging and contemporary content we managed to increase engagement rate across platforms, proof that we are better at speaking to our target audience.

  1. 67% Reach on Instagram
  2. 500 organic followers per month

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