Navigating the New Era of Coaching Center Regulations: A Guide by GoSeen

In recent developments, the Ministry of Education’s Department of Higher Education in the Government of India has moved towards a transformative era for coaching centres with the introduction of the “Guidelines for Registration and Regulation of Coaching Centers 2024.” As education takes centre stage, GoSeen is here to unravel the intricacies of these guidelines and extend our support to coaching centres for a seamless transition.

Understanding the Core Objectives:

The primary objectives of these guidelines are far-reaching. They aim to establish a robust framework for the registration and regulation of coaching centres, set minimum standard requirements, and safeguard the interests of enrolled students. Additionally, a holistic approach is encouraged, emphasizing co-curricular activities, career guidance, and psychological counseling for the mental well-being of students.

Addressing the Challenges:

The move comes in response to the rising concerns surrounding unregulated private coaching centres. Issues such as exorbitant fees, student stress leading to severe outcomes, and various malpractices have been the focal point of media reports and parliamentary debates. It’s a proactive step towards ethical and effective coaching centre operations.

Key Highlights of the Guidelines:

Registration Process: Coaching centres are now required to undergo a formal registration process with the competent authority, ensuring compliance with specified forms, fees, and document requirements.

Marketing Standards: Transparent marketing practices are emphasized. Coaching centres are mandated to maintain an updated website containing comprehensive information, including tutors’ qualifications, courses, curriculum details, and fee structures.

Student Enrolment: Entry is allowed only after the completion of secondary school examinations, ensuring that students are adequately prepared for the coaching program.

Fee Structure & Exit Policy: The guidelines prescribe fair and reasonable tuition fees, along with clear exit policies. A detailed prospectus should be prominently displayed, covering various aspects, including fee refund procedures.

Infrastructure Requirements: Adherence to safety standards is crucial. Coaching centres must ensure proper electrification, ventilation, lighting arrangements, and security measures. A minimum space allocation of one square meter per student is mandatory.

Study Hours & Weekly Offs: The guidelines advocate for study hours that do not coincide with school hours, ensuring regular attendance. Weekly offs for both students and tutors are mandated for a balanced learning environment.

Complaint Mechanism: A structured complaint mechanism is introduced, allowing stakeholders to file and resolve complaints within a stipulated timeframe.

Penalties for Non-Compliance: Stringent penalties, including fines and registration revocation, are outlined for coaching centres breaching the terms or conditions of registration.

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